Middle School Fundraising Tournament Combines Hoops with Hope

June 3, 2013

Middle school boys and girls joined together at Walter Johnson High School to raise money for Georgetown Lombardi’s pediatric center. Photo credit: Ian Band
Middle school boys and girls joined together at Walter Johnson High School to raise money for Georgetown Lombardi’s pediatric center. Photo credit: Ian Band

Xan Korman proves that you’re never too young to help fight cancer.

On May 18, Korman hosted “Hoops 4 Hope,” a three-on-three basketball tournament and silent auction created by the sixth grade North Bethesda Middle School student. Thus far the event has raised almost $6,000 through donations, registrations and auction payments – all of which will be used to benefit Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center’s pediatric clinic patients and their families.

“The Clinic helps hundreds of kids with cancer each year, providing care in a way that lets kids act like kids, even when they are facing a scary illness,” says Korman, who at age 2 came to Georgetown Lombardi with a cancer scare. “I was lucky… it turned out that I did not have cancer. But I know that there are many others who are not so lucky.”

The basketball tournament took place at Walter Johnson High School in Bethesda, Md. and more than 30 middle school students showed up to support Korman’s efforts. While participation was limited to sixth- and seventh-grade boys and girls, people of all ages came out to volunteer at the charitable event.

Hoops 4 Hope also featured a silent auction, providing a way for others to support the fight against cancer as well. For the auction Korman solicited a number of local businesses, nearly 70 of which made donations to Hoops 4 Hope in the form of merchandise, gift cards or services.

Two local businesses in particular provided crucial support to Hoops 4 Hope that helped to cover some of the event’s major costs. E-Train University, a Maryland basketball training and private instruction organization, paid for the gymnasium space as well as for three private trainers who served as referees for the games. California Pizza Kitchen in Bethesda, Md. provided funds to help cover the cost of the t-shirt each participant received, and also provided each participant with a coupon for a free kids meal.

In addition, four pizza restaurants sponsored “dining out” nights that dedicated 20% of their sales to the Pediatric Cancer Clinic when customers presented a Hoops 4 Hope flyer while ordering.

Event proceeds from the tournament will support pediatric cancer programs at Georgetown Lombardi, such as the Family Emergency Fund, the Pediatric Survivorship Program and the Pediatric Palliative Care Program. These programs help parents pay bills, address long-term survivorship issues and help patients manage end-of-life issues, respectively.

“I want to give back to this great place by combining my love of basketball with a fundraiser to help the families served by the Pediatric Cancer Clinic,” Korman explains. “My parents have told me stories about how great we were all treated while we were there, and I got to see it again first-hand when I visited the Clinic recently.”

If you would like to make a contribution to Hoops 4 Hope, please visit www.tinyurl.com/xanshoops for more details


Author: Cherisse Cobrand, Georgetown Lombardi Communications